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For what it is worth, even with all the millions of tons of so called "greenhouse gases" that have been added to the atmosphere over the last two centuries, the measured greenhouse effect has so far only increased average global temperatures by It should also be pointed out that at the time of Noah's flood (roughly 4,300 years BP), there is no large spike of volcanic markers.This suggests that the Young Earth flood models, all of which are based on suppositions of massive global underwater tectonic and volcanic upheavals, have no basis in fact in the Paleoclimate record.The ice core records, whether in Greenland or mountain top glaciers around the globe, are replete with "melt" indicators.These are layers where an indeterminate amount of the surface ice has been melted between accumulations.If you will examine the bottom part of the above chart closely you will see that the SO4 ion concentration at 4,300 years BP shows the very lowest levels measured across the entire 18,000 years BP time line.This is in sharp contrast to the heightened volcanic activity on the Earth at the time of the Pleistocene extinctions and through the period immediately before the creation of Adam and the seven days of the Earth's regeneration.(see Genesis 1:2.) If that is true, the Paleoclimate data from the ice cores can give us insight into environmental conditions, not only after the seven days of Genesis but also before the seven days.What has accumulated on the ice since Noah's flood can tell us about the environment from then until the present.

Full details of this and other techniques and further references to GISP2 and GRIP projects can be found here: .Secular critics of Young Earth Creationism cite the very existence of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the paleoenvironmental record it contains (as well as the data found in ice cores from the glaciers on Kilimanjaro in Africa and Huascaran in Peru) as absolute proof that the Earth is older than 6,000 years and that Noah's flood did not occur, since there are no indications of a flood in the ice core layers. On the second point, we disagree that the lack of direct evidence in the ice proves that a global flood did not take place at all.There is certainly much "indirect" evidence to consider and we will detail that on this page.What is important is the fact that the Greenland Ice Sheet and mountain glaciers exist and have calibrated dated layer points between them.We can learn from these if we know what to look for, and where.

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The ion concentrations reflect relative levels of global volcanic activity at given intervals across the time line.