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Court opinions dating

Furthermore, it is now believed that what may be properly forbidden by law is quite limited.

The status, then, of censorship very much depends on the standing of government itself and of legitimate authority, revealing still another aspect of the complicated relation between “the individual and the state.” One critical source of the contemporary repudiation of censorship in the West depends on something that may be distinctive to modernity, an emphasis upon the dignity of the individual.That officer, who conducted the census, regulated the morals of the citizens counted and classified.But, however honourable the origins of its name, censorship itself is today generally regarded as a relic of an unenlightened and much more oppressive age.This general opinion provides the foundation of a predominantly new, or modern, argument against censorship—against anything, in fact, that interferes with self-development, and especially such self-development (or, better still, “self-fulfillment”) as a person happens to want and to choose for himself.This can be put in terms of liberty—the liberty to become and to do what one pleases.

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(Even those rulers who act without the authority of the people must take care to shape their people in accordance with the needs and circumstances of their regime.