Couple dating devotional engaged starting together dating fuck ma worcester

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Couple dating devotional engaged starting together

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Hook: One’s attention is caught through simple observation of the text and the motivation to probe deeper. Book: This is an evaluation and interpretation of the passage. Look: Meditation on this passage and integration of it into your life. Took: You both accept the application of this text, and personalization results.

The Hook, Look, Book and Took Any Bible passage can be comprehended by using these four steps: 1.

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Observe the following acrostic: S piritual basis of communication E motional response appreciation N earness that’s warm and natural S imilar values held I ntellectual agreement T otal absence of defense mechanisms I novative signs of love V ery genuine tenderness I ntimate sharing T ouching the other person Y oke of mutual confidence and trust The Toolbox: Tools! As you study His Word together, you’ll discover: 1. There is a lot of secular emphasis on sexual performance…but the eternal question is how you are performing spiritually.

Always end with shared prayer Sensitivity is the key to Biblical marital intimacy. Marriage is a classroom situation and the Bible is the only textbook God gave us. You can never lift your mate above the level of your own spirituality, so increase your faith by reading and studying God’s Word together.

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God manufactured your marriage, but He has put the husband in charge of the maintenance.

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