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For trivia about the Grand Canyon—one of the biggest and most interesting examples of erosion in the world—read here!

Hungary is not super cheap in every way, but the destination is a good value for people who want to live a good life for less in central Europe.

I asked if they would send a DVD this time n case it was due to Blu-ray region differences and this arrived within a week and plays just fine. Just got back from the south rim dream air and land tour. I'm not prone to sending reviews on excursions or purchases but on this occasion I felt I must make it known what a fantastic experience my wife Sue & I had on our trip in the helicopter to the Grand Canyon with you.

Although, this is not a cheap trip, we are so glad we did it.Prices for rent, groceries, restaurant meals, and drinks rise 10-35% when in the big city.Gary Lukatch was earning good money in New Mexico working in the financial industry, after having lived in a lot of other states before that.We enjoyed the Canyon tour so much that we opted to buy the photo and Blu-ray package (we were lucky to be in the 1 'copter that had Blu-ray quality video camera).On returning home, I found the Blu-ray wouldn't play on my player, so I contacted them and they were very apologetic and offered to send another copy out or issue a refund.

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