Consolidating my sallie mae loans

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Independent student need relates only to the income and assets of the individual student.

As a result, student loan borrowing limits are higher for independent students.

A competitive interest rate and a host of student-friendly services help you build your own credit, as you attend school.

Additional credit-building opportunities include cards that earn rewards, like the Bank Americard Travel Rewards for Students Card and the Bank Americard Cash Rewards For Students Card. The following entry is maintained as a historical reference, and to serve as a resource; should Bank of America initiate student loans at a future date.

College years are a time of credit-building, so Bank of America provides opportunities for college students to get off on the right foot.

“Solutions for Students” is a convenient banking resource for college students.

College students need certain features from their money management providers, and they are not always the same account characteristics favored by mom and dad.Additional private loans offered by Bank of America do not need to be certified by your school; they are issued independently.For example, the Campus Edge Student Loan, which acts as a supplement to federal financial aid.The company puts forth two distinct scholarship programs for assisting undergraduate students.Dependents of Bank of America employees enjoy access to the Joe Martin Scholarship Program.

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Note that Stafford Loans are issued as ‘dependent’ loans or as ‘independent’ loans.