Consolidating government services

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Consolidating government services

The County Recorders Association was organized in 1929 to help North Dakota's 53 counties keep up-to-date with changes in methods of recording and with changes in laws affecting their offices.

The County Recorders Association also monitors and proposes legislation to better serve the state.

* Furnish upon request (written or by telephone) to persons information contained in financing statements to perfect a security interest pursuant to chapter 41-09 when the collateral is farm products, and provide written confirmation of the oral information provided upon receipt of a fee which shall be the same as for recording that instrument.

Counties brought order as homesteaders and settlers moved to Dakota Territory, county sheriffs provided urgently needed law enforcement.

With the elimination of county courts, district courts became responsible for the workload and positions of the county courts. Later, a separate organization was formed for clerks of district, county, municipal and Supreme courts.

The Clerks of Court Association was formed in 1952 as the N. The clerk of district court could well be called "Custodian of Court Files" because much of the clerk's time is spent working with legal records.

The auditor conducts a tax certificate sale on the second Tuesday in December.

In some counties, the position is becoming an office appointed by the commission.The auditor trains election workers and prepares, distributes and tabulates ballots.The auditor is also part of the board which canvasses (examines) election results. Taxes & Budgeting: After the fiscal year begins (January 1), the auditor starts preparing the budget for the following year by compiling revenue, expense, and levy estimates.By summer, a preliminary budget is ready for examination by commissioners, and the final budget is approved by the commission in October.The auditor also computes market and taxable land valuation for taxation purposes, and generates tax statements and lists.

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