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A one month membership costs .99, three months cost .00 and six months cost .00.To cancel your subscription, you may do so through your online account, send a written cancellation by mail, or email their customer service team.In addition, you can focus your attention on individuals who have similar interests as you, making your chances for a connection even better.The other side of online dating pertains to the risks involved.

Safety is a common concern among all online daters. Then there's the photos of the grand kids, pets and the all-to-familiar photos of women at their favorite vacation spots!!! Then there is the occasional MAN who Our Time sends me as a "match"!!! I met her for dinner at a popular steak joint 60 miles for my house, with a dozen roses () in my hand. So with a freight train full of baggage like that, I dropped her like a hot rock!!! When you join for "free," what they really mean is you have to pay to use the site. They then list three options for paid membership: six months, three months, or one month.My supervisor is unwilling to address it and said to me, ‘Mind your own business. That’s all that’s important.’ It drives me crazy that I end up picking up his slack with clients.” • “My supervisor passes work on to me even though I am overwhelmed with my own work.She dumps administrative duties on me that she should be performing.As a non-paying member you are unable to communicate with other singles.You must “upgrade” your account to a paid member status to use all of the features within their site.

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Online dating has become increasingly popular for singles to connect; it has flourished into a number of sites that are now individually geared toward a specific demographic market.

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