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Comic strip dating russian

The characters barely age, and they inhabit worlds that are just as static.If you happen to open one of the newspapers that still carry "Cathy" or "Family Circus," it's reassuring to see familiar faces, even when the strips fail to make you laugh out loud.

The first career girl strip was Martin Branner’s (1911–44) placed the slapstick in a tender world of poetry, at once surreal and humorous.

During the years 1907–20 most of the major categories of American comics were established, including the first aviation, ethnic character, and career girl strips.

The most important gag strip was , which started in 1918.

The same applies to "Family Circus," whose cloying jokes usually involve some kind of childlike observation (example "Daddy, will you make the sun move, please? It's humor that's about as contemporary as a sock hop, as edgy as an Anne Geddes photo.

Lame as "Cathy" and "Family Circus" are, they're also comforting.

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Perhaps "Cathy" spoke to the women of the seventies and eighties, but nowadays the strip feels, well, cartoonish.