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Kissing is AMAZING, but there are so many other ways to show affection. Say something unexpected and sweet in your crush's ear.Get them a little surprise gift for no reason at all.

Guys will tell you that you look sooooo hot in that super-tight-not-mom-appropriate-shirt that you wore to that party last weekend.

You all live in the same place so if the first date doesn’t go so hot, you have to awkwardly dodge the guy while trying to print your paper in the library.

College dating is weird because you know people who are with someone new every few weeks and then you have friends who have found “the one” and sometimes you aren’t quite sure where you fit in and feel like you’ll be forever single.

Take it one day at a time and don't rush the future. A boyfriend is not the answer to all of life’s problems (boys most likely will cause more problems because that’s what they are good at!

) If you go out looking for someone who you think is going to fix who you are and save you, you will end up disappointed. You have to be strong and comfortable in who you are before you can lean on someone else for support.

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Kissing helps to build romance, but there are so many things that keep that fire alive.

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