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In the latest ferocious attack on travellers, MP Gilles Bourdouleix stirred up memories of the Holocaust, when the Nazis sent thousands of gypsies to the gas chambers because Hitler believed them to be sub-human.

Mr Bourdouleix, who represents a constituency in the Maine and Loire region of west France, was visiting an illegal Roma camp in the town of Cholet, where he is deputy mayor, when he made the incendiary comments.

The literate strip with philosophical, psychological, and sociological overtones was the principal innovation of the later 1950s.

(1950–2000) featured a small band of young children, a beagle, and a small yellow bird and dispensed entirely with the usual adult foil.

The earliest adventure strip was Harold Foster broke completely with the prevailing caricatural style, adopted cinematic techniques, and sought picturesque, documentary realism.

No less concerned with classic aesthetic effects was Alex Raymond, first master of the exotic space strip ( (begun 1931), the detective strip par excellence, which is laced with science-fiction gadgetry and bizarre eroticism.

The sadism of the American comic became proverbial; the “comic” became equated by Europeans with the “horror comic,” and voices of educators were raised against it on both sides of the Atlantic.

The psychiatrist Frederic Wertham’s (1954) blamed rising juvenile deliquency on the pernicious influence of the comic book, and U. congressional investigations confirmed this opinion. The industry responded by instituting systems of self-censorship, administered by several organizations; the more vicious-looking material was restrained, but in Europe some American adventure strips continued to be criticized for their pursuit of violence and for their racist, militarist, and fascist tendencies.

The strip was executed in fairy-tale illustration style, with a conscious display of colouristic effects. At first set in a horse-racing milieu, it soon became a general interest comic.

These had a 7.5- by 10.25-inch (19- by 26-cm) page size, a format that has continued.

By 1935 such titles as Joe Shuster (art); it was soon syndicated and transposed to other media.

The Superman formula of the hero who transcends all physical and social laws to punish the wicked was widely imitated.

The animated cartoon animals of Walt Disney also took root in the comic book.

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Truly satirical forms of exaggeration and of social content returned to the strip with Al Capp’s comic book.

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  1. In terms of physical design, Scott Pask's set pieces work in seamless functionality with the sea of video (the instant materialization of an entire mall is quite something), and there are fun touches like the drop-down floral fixtures during the school's Spring Fling prom.