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Head lice are very common among Christian men, especially Pentecostals.Although it is a normal and natural blessing from God to have head lice, you should certainly wash your hair before your date if only for the reason to avoid the temptation of putting your arm around the young lady while lifting to scratch your head.[and (d) is the only thing that should really matter to /r/conspiracy, if it's interested in conspiracies and not just a signal booster for political aims] China has broken out the big guns in the trade war Trump started. They are canceling orders for soybeans and getting supplies from another country. Trump's recklessness is going to cripple the midwest.

We have God and some Christian marriage tips to thank for this.

If you have grown up in a Christian home that believes in the Holy Bible, then most certainly, you have limited yourself to chaperoned dating until the age of 21.

If you are truly saved, it is not until your 21st birthday, that the thought of dating someone without adult supervision would even enter your mind. If you are truly saved, you are looking for a woman who will serve you and who loves the Lord as much as you do.

You see a few years ago my wife and I were having some problems in our marriage. The kids were growing up, and few had moved out on their own which left us alone together for the first time in 20 years!

A lot of things had changed in those 20 years, so finally we agreed with a little prodding from our kids to seek help.

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I would find it very hard to take someone seriously who is unable to engage in a respectful discussion. If you have no friends with different views, I feel sorry for you. My point was that they weren't the majority especially in the early 1900s.

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