Chris brown natalie nunn dating

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Apparently that is how Natalie Nunn of Bad Girls Club gets down.On last night episode she had sex with some random dude and was cheered on by Flo.The group was a sort of spin-off of The Pussycat Dolls.They created the same basic product: albums of women selling sex through shallow lyrics. She was kicked out because her sound didn't match the rest of the group).She's been on previous seasons because of her engagement to Orlando Scandrick, a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys (why is the fiancee of a football player on a basketball wives show? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="634"] via uk[/caption] You might also know her by her preferred name, Nia Amey.Amey is the name she goes under when working professionally in her modelling career, most of which are nudes or minimal coverage shots. It seems that the two never really tried to make a go at a relationship.After she finished having sex she went and called her boyfriend. Some chick named Natalie Nunn from the upcoming season of Bad Girls Club appears to be trying to make a comeup off Chris Brown.

She was soon discovered, though, and her career took off, ensuring her family would never go without again.

However, it would seem that they weren't very careful either.

Nia is now Chris Brown's "baby mama," for lack of a better term. While playing mother to his child, she's also a nursing school student and works two jobs. She's independent and doesn't let anyone boss her around. She and Chris never formally committed themselves to a relationship, but they dated on and off and hooked up many times between 20.

Maybe this is due to personal preference, a psychological qualm, or maybe he just hasn't found "the one" yet.

In any case, he certainly has managed to find a plethora of .

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She's a self-managed singer, model, dancer, and "actress" (not really though, her only acting experience is playing herself on reality TV), though she hasn't had nearly as much success since Girlicious disbanded in 2011. Keisha is a model and actress (though her acting career is definitely eclipsed by her modeling career, and rightfully so as she's not very good). She's one of the backup singers you hear in all of Pharrell's songs.