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Chinese girls dating etiquette

[ Wikipedia “Glasses” ] Silk has been used by the Chinese for approximately 5,000 years.The earliest evidence of silk dates back to around 4,000-3,000 BC in Shanxi province, where a culture silk cocoon was found.It remained a secret for thousands of years, despite the fact that it became widely exported.The Romans—who were great admirers of silk—believed that the fabric was taken from trees.[ Wikipedia] The Chinese invented moveable type printing in the 11th century in 1040 AD during the Song Dynasty.

[ Wikipedia “History of Tea in China”] Gunpowder is one of “Four Great Inventions of ancient China”.

Another legend has it that European monks—who were sent to China in the sixth century to discover the secret of silk—smuggled some silkworm eggs out.

[ Wikipedia “History of Silk”] Drinking tea is widely considered to have started first in China, which has the earliest surviving records of tea drinking dating back to the first millennium BC.

[Wikipedia] The world’s oldest surviving book is Chinese—a Buddhist text called the Diamond Sutra, which bears the date 868 AD.

Along with other printed manuscripts, the book was discovered in 1907 in a walled-up cave in Dunhang (north-west China) and is on display at the British Library.

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[Wikipedia “Toilet paper”] The Chinese invented eyeglasses over a 1,000 years ago, according to British scientist and historian Sir Joseph Needman.