Chemistry in dating upperclass dating

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Not as exciting and as stressful as PEA, but steadier (and more addictive), this morphine-like .

It's because of them that you can survive through the power struggle during the common relationship problems stage.

However, recent research in the science of mate attraction and selection shows that chemistry is determined by specific Even though throughout history mankind has considered the heart the center of love, all scientists agree: love is all in our brain. At the beginning of a new relationship, chemistry makes your heart race...

Fueled by adrenaline-like chemicals like , you see fireworks exploding, float on air and hear the drums.

You may not realize, but chemistry in relationships is not only responsible for attracting your soulmate initially.

When infatuation subsides, a new group of chemicals takes over.

Don't be fooled by the initial rush of love - it won't last forever, no matter how the two of you are right now."Or, you may click with someone who is completely different that what you've always wanted, and forget about your list in a complex and individualized that it is practically impossible to quantify.You feel euphoric, energized, can make love for hours and talk all night for weeks on end.But as thrilling as this state is, it only lasts between 6 months to 2 years, until you and your partner to your relationship, or soon after you move in together.

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