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Ze, particle affixed to verb, as u ham- baze = he goes naked = he is naked.

Shadza ra KA IPA, MOYO WAN- GU U NO MIRA = the porridge is bad, I am nauseated.

In Tebele when the word denoting the possessor is a proper noun, ka ( = g(n)-a=it of), is placed before the word standing for the possessor, e.g.

The Tebele language is of course only a variety of the Zulu, but the Shuna is practically an unknown tongue. Note the survival of the lost Shuna article (I')muxu.

ya temba giiye= I have faith in him U NO GADZA MOYO I.

see al Jto '*Coo\;''' Drive away flies." Res A MEPO.

Gu hloma amayezi= see " Gather " The sky is gloomy.

NDI IMI TI ISU, ISI 2 per.s: u II i H CM CO J 'e C3 d ^ .e The Shun BO GARA, etc ( XXV ) t i I 1 A TI OARI A MU (i ARI A HA OARI A I OARI A A GARI A DZI OARI A ZWI OARI A DZI OARI A TU GARI i s A NDI OARI A U OARI A U OARI A U OARI A RI OARI A I OARI A TJI OARI A GU OARI A KA OARI A BU GARI A OU OARI 1 g g.? ka si hlali ka li hlali ka ba hlali ka i hlali ka a hlali ka zi hlali ka zi hlali ka zi hlali i 1 ka Hi hlali ka n hlali ka a hlali ka u hlali ka li hlali ka i hlali ka si hlali ka lu hlali ka bu hlali ka gu hla U 1 5 G'^ S'v.^-^ U) a o u 2d, o "^ 'E - ^^ a ^ 2 ^ TS ©t3 «w 5 5z; ^ 1 a TI JIMB TI GARE MU JIME MU GARE BA JIME BA GARE 1 mu-ba 1 i NDI JIME NDI GARE ,, 2| U JIMEU GARE „ 3 U JIME U GARE 1 si ze si hlale li ze li hlale ba ze ba hlale and so on for all classes. i 3 to OQ a fii hlalafia a u hlalana a u hlalana s ( xxxi ) g O i E . The Locative, the case denoting '• place where," and represented in English by the prepositions to, at, from, by, in, etc., is formed in Tebele by changing the initial vowel to e or o, and the final vowel if a to eni. or weni, u to wini, with the necessary euphonic chanj^es in the heart of the word : e.g. Iti some proper names the initial vowel only is changed, and somotinios the Locative case is replaced by the use of pre- positions. Endnba =to (etc.) Induba Gu Bulawayo = to (etc.) Bulawayo. — nmfo ka Lobeng:ula=umfana ka Lobengula= child (son or daughter) of Loben^ula. Ba NZUKA HUNI, see also "Chip " and " Chop." Te MA HUNI. Manduln, adv., eg Dhlana mandulu = eat first = Dy ANA GUTANGA.

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^ ^ Ph A Tl NA GU GARA A MU NA GU GARA A BA NA GU GARA 1 1 OQ A NDI NA GU GARA A U NA GU GARA A U NA GU GARA r H (MCO S a si hlalana a 11 hlalana a ba hlalana and so on for all classes.

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