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May Allah make it beneficial for the readers and approve it. Muhammad Rafee' Usmani Darul-Uloom, Karachi 19 Safar 1393. i i 6' i PREFACE Forty seven years from today in Sh; was a teacher in Dar ul-Uloom, Deoband the chief of the institution, Mawlana S Anwar Shah, directed me to collect the Ai the coming of Maseeh f*ou* and cob book-form. Those people will then come to him whom Allah had preserved (from Dajjal's deception) and he will wipe off from their faces (traces of journey, sorrow or trouble) and convey to them tidings of (high) stations in Paradise.

The three parts are published together under one cover for the first time. He will goto Hadith # 4, Mirza was de- the grave of commentary prived of this the Messen- Ai-Dur opportunity ger of Allah Al-Manthur, too. 'Isa ^i a* will look out for Dajjal and finally find him at the door of Ludd® and slay him.

It wa the title Al-Tasreeh bimaa lawatar fi published at Deoband, India, and and he was prompted to write it by his Shaykh, Allamah Syed Anwar Shah Kashmiri -uu Jjiu^ It was written in Arabic with the title Al-Tasreeh bimaa tawatar J} nuzoot al-Maseeh and published at Deoband, India, and subsequently at Halab, Syria. Blessings in Every kind Hadith # 5, Mirza's pres- the times of of worldly Muslim, Abu ence spelled the promised and religious Dawood, Tir- disaster and Maseeh, blessing will mizi, Mus- calamity. Mai ice Jeal- Hadith#\ L amine the Abu Da- *^^B 1 teeth of a wood, Ibn lion but it Majah. 1 no: The wolf Hadith # 13, (as above) will live with Abu Daw- goats as the ood, Ibn Ma- dog that pro- jah, ^^^^kr L tects their lives. They ng with them of their wealth, solate land and command it to measures of the earth will (come oney bees pursue their queen.

At the command of my father, I have now translated it into Urdu and added Marginal notes to it. ith and cut him into two pieces ses will separate as far away as oter of an arrow and its target.

The result is that the book has become a collection of the descriptions of the signs of Qiyamah. How long He will live Hadith # Mirza lived will he live for forty 1 1 0, Abu Da- much more after coming years. Only the worst kind of people will remain (on earth) and they will commit |f £ * ■ ® Camels with long necks who are called Bukht in Arabic.

He begins the book with discussions on the signs of Qiyamah and dispels doubts arising from the seeming contradictions in them. _ — — When Mahdi Hadith #\X (as above will begin to move back, Abu Da- wood J bn Isa^u* Majah, Ibn will place his Hiban, Ibn hand on his Khuzaymah, back and let him be the Imam (leader of the congre- i gation). adultery (in the open) like a descend on these very people.' Majah, Ahmad, Hakim, Kanz al-'Umn 6.

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This book "Signs of Qiyamah and the Arrival of the Maseeb" is an English rendering of "Alamat Qimayat Aur Nazool Maseeh" It is made up of three- parts and its essential part is the second which was written originally in Arabic by Mawlana Mufti Muhammad Shaft at the urging of his mentor Allama Sayyid Muhammad Anwar Shah Kashmiri. The first part of the book is truly a gist of part 2 and the claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadyani are authentically refuted, one by one. The third part is written by Mufti Muhammad Raft Usmani. Mai ice Jeal- ousy and ran- cour will be removed from every heart. The point is that whoever memorises the initial ten verses of Al-Kahf or the last ten will be protected from the mischief of Dajjal. In another version, the site is mentioned as Jordan and in yet another the place of the Muslim army.