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TRILOGY - unknown actress BURN NOTICE - Gabrielle Anwar AS THE WORLD TURNS - soap actress unknown CASTLE - Dana Delaney C. They are produced on a "-R" format which can be played in most commercial DVD players and on most computers. MIAMI - Cara Santana JUSTIFIED - Joelle Carter AT RISK - Andie Mac Dowell PSYCH - Maggie Lawson, Rachel Leigh Cook FREE WHEELERS - Wendy Padbury - British early 60's, 70's series WILD ORANGES - 1924 Silent movie -(Excellent rare scene) ALL MY CHILDREN - Soap Actress Rebcca Budig Like all CHIVALRY VIDEOS, these DVDs are produced for use of collector to collector - they are not commercial DVDs.Here is another collection of rare Asian television and movie scenes from the past few years. & THE BEAR, HARDY BOYS, GREATEST AMERICAN HEREO, TODAY'S FBI, HAWAII 5-0. CHIVALRY #32 - FROM THE VAULT OF LOST TV SHOWS MANY RARE SCENES From The Classic TV Shows Of The 60s & 70s - Including: HIGHWAY PATROL •• HAWAIIAN EYE •• HONEY WEST•• AMOS BURKE, SECRET AGENT •• CHIVALRY #40 - MORE SOAP OPERA CLASSICS - OVER 50 RARE SCENES From Some Of The Long Forgotten Daytime Dramas - Including: ONE LIFE TO LIVE (3 scenes including Linda Thorson), GENERAL HOSPITAL (many rare scenes including EMMA SAMMS, DEMI MOORE & others), TEXAS, YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, EDGE OF NIGHT, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, AS THE WORLD TURNS, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (5 DIEDRE HALL sacenes more), ANOTHER WORLD, GUIDING LIGHT, LOVING and MANY, MANY MORE!! MANY RARE SCENES From The British (& Australia) TV Shows & Soaps - Including: DREAMING, A CASE FOR PC 39.Hard hitting scenes with beauitiful innocent women abducted. (Nancy Sinatra), LOVE AMERICAN STYLE, ELECTRIC COMPANY, OH SUSANNA! I (Heidi Vaughn) •• Many MANNIX Scenes including PAMELA KINGSLEY •• VEGAS & Much More! GYPSY & THE GENTLEMAN, EDGAR WALLACE THEATER , EYE WITNESS, ARMCHAIR THRILLER, MAYH'S SPY, SHAAN, LE LIT (French), TWO RONNIES, BERGERAC, CHINESE DETECTIVE. •• SOUTH BEACH •• EASTWOOD INSURANCE •• BEN STEIN'S MONEY (Nancy Pimental) •• POLICE ACADEMY THE SERIES (Heather Campbell - 2 scenes) •• G VS.

This tape has it all, with a nice mixture of old and new contemporary scenes as well as your usual compliment of ninjas. THESE ARE SCENES THAT ARE TRULY ONE OF A KIND - AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE! SHERIFF LOBO, Mc MILLIAM & WIDE, SWITCH, HARDCASTLE & Mc CORMICK, HOT PURSUIT, CODENAME: FOXFIRE, DOUBLE DARE, ME & MOM, WIZARD, DUKES OF HAZZARD, YELLOW ROSE, THE MASTER, RIPTIDE, WACKIEST SHIP IN THE ARMY & Almost 35 MORE!!It Includes: *Three* Segments from THE AVENGERS - with Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg & Linda Thorson, STRANGE REPORT, THE ZOO GANG (Two Segments), THE PROFESSIONALS, LOVEJOY, JONATHAN CREEK, THE BILL, RENSEIGNEMENTS GENERAUX, EUROCOPS, NAVARRO, LE GORILLE, COUNTERSTRIKE (Sophie Mighaud), TAKING THE FALLS (Two Segments), ACAPULCO HEAT (Two Segments) and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD MIDNIGHT RIDE, SOLDIER'S FORTUNE, WILD JUSTICE., FRENCH-ATLANTIC AFFAIR, DEAD PUIT, EVILS OF THE NIGHT, ACT OF VENGEANCE (aka RAPE SQUAD), WILD MAN (Michelle Baurer), RED HEAT (Linda Blair), WILD THING (Kathleen Quinlin), MEMORIES OF MIDNIGHT (Jane Seymour) and THE BANKER (Shanna Reed) ONCE A THIEF (John Woo's cult classic- FOUR different scenes), COUNTERSTRIKE (3 scenes), ACAPULCO HEAT (2 scenes), PRINCE STREET (Mariska Hagaroty!), SLEEP WALKERS, ROBIN'S HOODS, SPY GAME (3 scenes), STRANGE LUCK, LANDS END (2 scenes), MR & MRS SMITH (Maria Bello) and Two FLIPPER scenes with *Jessica Alba* is another collection of rare foreign AND domestic SOAP OPERA SCENES - and it includes MANY daytime television scenes shown JUST ONCE never to be repeated.CHIVALRY #16 - INTERNATIONAL RARITIES From the 60's & beyond - here are two more full hours of English, Spanish & foreign beauties in peril, each one bound & gagged and in scenes long lost - including: The Saint: The Contact – Elizabeth Weaver •• The Saint: The Time to Die – Suzanne Lloyd •• Man in a Suitcase: Which Way Did He Go Mc Gill? To Order by Credit Card for FAST DELIVERY by clicking on ORDER ME - or to order by fax GO HERE or by to order by mail GO HERE Tenspeed and Brownshoe – Elayne Helveil • Mc Clain’s Law – Linda Thorsen • Barnaby Jones – Kristine De Bell • The Magician – Amanda Mc Broom • Doctor Death, Seeker of Soulds – Cheryl Miller • Miss Shumway Goes West • Hardcase – Stefanie Powers • Red River Valley – Frances Grant• Corky and White Shadow – Darlene Gillespie • Wild Wild West – Dawn Wells• Dark Shadows – Alexandra Moltke, Kathryn Leigh Scot • Tales of the Gold Monkey – Shelly Smith• Masquerade – Mary Beth Evans • Quiet Day in Belfast – Margot Kidder • Flapjack Floozy – Teri Garr• Kojak – Andrea Marcovicci, Melissa Murphy • M Squad – Connie Hines • Streets of San Francisco – Darlene Carr • Charlie’s Angles – Shelly Hack • The Hardy Boys – Stephanie Kramer • Starsky & Hutch – Linda Scruggs Bogert, Veronica Hamel• Matt Houston – Pamela Hensley, Gail Youngs, Christina Raines • Highwayman – Jane Badler • Downtown – Nana Visitor CHIVALRY #35 - TWO FULL HOURS in BLACK WHITE & FULL COLOR - is .95 (for VHS) or .95 (for DVD) which includes U. You get GUIDING LIGHT, ALL MY CHILDREN & the two L O N G sequences from ONE LIFE TO LIVE (which includes the infamous "Cheerleader" story! MIKE HAMMER, PRIVATE EYE (three scenes), THE BIG EASY (five scenes including Leslie Bibb), THE NET (Brooke Langstron) CHIVALRY VIDEO #49 - A collection of scenes from various cultures - starting with nearly an hour of clips from Hispanic TV & soap operas, then a section of German TV & film scenes, followed by rare footage from France (including DOULOUS THE FINGERMAN and TRAFFIC IN SOULS).– Veronica Hurst •• The Protectors: The Big Hit – Yasuko Nagazami •• The Protectors: Vocal – Yaskiko Nagazami •• The Invisible Man: The Vanishing Evidence •• Adam Adamant Lives: Black Echo – Juliet Harmer •• Danger Man 11: Sting in the Tail – Juliet Harmer •• The Swordsman of Siena (1961 – Italian) •• The Devil Rides Out (1968 – British) – Nike Arrighi •• Your Bones Will Join Theirs: Killer Likes Candy – English Comedy Skit •• Scenes from Various British Movies, Comedies and TV •• Scenes from Various South American Movies and Cop Series – Detective de Senoras •• The Man in a Raincoat (1957 – French) •• Bhowani Junction (1956 – British) – Ava Gardner - is .95 (for VHS) or .95 (for DVD) which includes U. ) plus MORE CHIVALRY #79 - CAPTURED OVERSEAS By popular demand - ANOTHER collection of French, British & Italian TV Series Including: SPY FORCE, BLUEY, HOMICIDE, TOUCHING EVIL, Mc CALLUM, NESTOR BURMA, Several Episodes of LOVE ISLAND & MANY MANY MORE!! TWO FULL hours of rare Hispanic TV & Movie scenes not available on ANY OTHER collection. Then it's off to Britain for Katherine Hepburn in IRON PETTICOAT along with several other British features - rounding out over 120 of very rare bondage! ) •• DUE SOUTH •• RIN TIN TIN K-9 COP (FOUR Scenes In All! ) •• SUPERFORCE •• COUNTERSTRIKE (NINE Scenes In All!

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