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Note that while only one SSL certificate can be enabled for HTTPS on a server, multiple SSL certificates can be enabled for SMTP.

However in most simple deployments only a single certificate will be required for SMTP.

The recommend practice is to provision as few SSL certificates as possible, because it is simpler to administer as well as less costly to purchase.

So while it is possible to have separate certificates for each of the HTTPS, SMTP, POP and IMAP services, it is recommended to use one certificate for all of them unless you have a specific scenario that requires different certificates.

While the cost of a SAN/UC certificate will be more than a wildcard certificate you are less likely to run into any compatibility issues with the SAN/UC certificate, as long as the certificate contains the correct names.

Similarly it is recommended to use the same SSL certificate for all of the Exchange servers that will be configured with the same namespaces.

For example, if you have two Exchange 2016 servers in a site that will be load-balanced, and both have the “mail.exchange2016demo.com” namespace configured for HTTPS services, they should have the same certificate installed.

Much of this communication, particularly clients and applications, involves username and password-based authentication.

When user credentials are sent over the network they are sent “in the clear”, meaning they can potentially be intercepted and read by an attacker.

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