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Buddhist dating website

Cave 5 is named the Maharwada Cave because it was used by local Mahar tribespeople as a shelter during the monsoon.It centers on a grand assembly hall stretching 36 meters long, which was probably used as a refectory.At the far end, a seated Buddha is enthroned in front of a large stone stupa.Cave 11 is known as the Dho Tal or "Two Floors" cave, although a basement level discovered in 1876 brings the total floors to three.Ellora is a World Heritage Site and the most visited ancient monument in Maharashtra State.The caves at Ellora were carved out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills between the 6th and 10th centuries.Created during a time of prosperity and revival of Hindusim, the Hindu caves represent an entirely different style of creative vision and skill than the Buddhist caves.The Hindu temples were carved from top to bottom and required several generations of planning and coordination to take shape.

All except Cave 10 are (monasteries), which were used for study, meditation, communal rituals, eating and sleeping.Cave 6 was carved in the 600s and is home to two of the finest sculptures at Ellora.On the left is the goddess Tara, with an intense but kind expression.The top floor is a long assembly hall lined with columns.It has both a Buddha shrine and images of Durga and Ganesh, indicating the cave was converted into a Hindu temple after it was abandoned by the Buddhists.

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Cave 12, known as Tin Tal ("Three Floors"), also has an impressive upper hall.

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