Bread laudating

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Bread laudating

Morale of the story: Liberty =/= Right Why would you have the liberty to vote if your rights as a worker aren't respected?

Some would even go back in between breaks they had.Andreas Baumgartner See you get it, it also goes to stand the massive floods that would make the storms of Katrina look like a joke.Also the Songun policy has drained their economy like crazy but Songun was very very important and neccessary, especially today, without their huge military thanks to Comrade Kim Jong Il, they are able to defend themselves from Imperialist conquest against the country, the Socialist nation is doing everything in it's power to stay alive and defend the people above capital and profits.But economic balance is also important, and this balance broke when the UDSSR broke, so the food supply was broken and DPRK was not able to be self sufficient with food supply.Furthermore, there came sanctions too, so other countries been not allowed to help the DPRK.

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Let the north Korean capitalists go hard and stop talking crap, statists. ^___^NK provides healthcare and free education for all? And secondly, that only applies to Pyongyang residents.

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