Brazen talent speed dating

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Brazen talent speed dating

H-E-B Central Market is one company that has done this well, as demonstrated in this Passive candidates (those who are already employed and not actively jobhunting) are most likely to be your dream hires, but you'll never attract them without letting them know how much you want them.

Reaching out in a really personal manner demonstrates that you're willing to go out of your way to get their attention.

One option is inviting all eligible applicants to an open group event, such as an Open House. It's so easy to apply for anything but 800 didn't take the first step.

That lowered the screening process.' The Open House strategy also enables you to see how people interact in groups.

Interacting with potential candidates in a group setting is an excellent way to see their character, level of interest, working knowledge, and communication skills.

In this job market, you’ll have to do things differently if you want to avoid sifting through a huge stack of poor-fit resumes — or if you want to reach your dream candidates who already have a job elsewhere.So we purchase ads that will appear when people search for keywords associated with Hadoop,' the author writes.Online communities, as opposed to all-inclusive job boards, are another good place to target your recruitment process at a specific demographic.Search forums such as Meetup for group events that are likely to be attended by people qualified for your open position.For example, if you needed a graphic designer in New York City, you could attend a graphic design-focused meetup in the area and look for potential candidates.

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'The flattery paid off: More than 90 recipients responded to the pitch, three left their jobs to come on board, and many more potential hires discovered the company through word-of-mouth buzz generated by the search,' how his company (which is regularly listed in Fortune's '100 best places to work') hires fast while maintaining its corporate culture standards: by looking for great people in unexpected places.

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