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So regardless of what she actually did say, I thought that readers might like to see my take on single mothers.Here is what I wrote for the Huffington Post on Mother's Day in 2007 (before I started blogging here).

The first is to let go of the fantasy that all children living in nuclear families have two totally engaged parents who lavish their love and attention on all their children, and on each other, in a home free of anger, conflict, and recriminations.Children of married parents did better in one of the countries, children of single parents did better in two of them, and there were no significant differences in the others.]of course not which compliments God..Secondly quit pushing this false high on the whole world..A difference of about one percentage point is not a very big return on twice the love, attention, and resources. In a nationally representative sample of many different kinds of households - two-parent biological households, single-mother households, adoptive households, stepmother, and stepfather households - there were no differences at all.It's not that two was a magical number of parents - on the average, the kids did better living with a single mom than they did with a dad who was married to a stepmother. What mattered was NOT how many parents there were, or whether the parents were biologically related to the children.

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The second is to grab onto a different sort of possibility - that many children living with single mothers have other important adults in their lives, too.