Bonn speed dating

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Bonn speed dating

In most cases, asylum seekers can't provide those records.

Instead, following Telekom's own motto "personality matters,” it's the personal impression a candidate makes that is important.

After the initial period with a new employee, Birgit Klesper says a department manager will sometimes decide that a particular intern would fit in better in a different section, and another intern would have been more suited to this one.

The fear has not gone away In the foyer of the Telekom building, Katja Werz, the company's media spokeswoman, welcomes a handful of journalists and takes them through the building to the applicants' day Info Point. The candidates gather around an employee in a red Telekom t-shirt, who takes them through the company policies. Badr is an intern who has succeeded in getting through the first steps of the application process.

In a number of interviews, the applicants chat with employees from different departments to give them an initial impression of their German language skills, their mindset, their personal requirements and expectations, and potential suitability for employment in one area or another.

Employment agencies will try to place them in the same job or sector in which they worked before.The Deutsche Telekom event took place at their headquarters in Bonn at the end of November.And Klesper's comparison to speed dating is not all that far-fetched.After hearing about the young man's interests and skills, Badr suggests he consider doing a business course and says he should raise the idea in his interview.Majed from Syria has had her first interview and is smiling a bit nervously but still seems optimistic.

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