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Blythe danner dating

He takes her out to a karaoke bar where her long-lost identity as a singer reasserts itself in an impressive way, as Carol/Blythe really lays into “Cry Me A River.” The pair looks askance at each other when the idea of a romance rears its head—there’s an age difference of like four decades here!—but then you think you see them thinking, “Well, why not?Carol, the main character played with endearing grace by Blythe Danner, pops multiple corks and downs many glasses of the glinty liquid.It helps lubricate her conversations with friends and potential lovers.While I was indeed moved by the film’s gentle conclusions with respect to life and aging, I was on the whole more impressed by how genuinely amiable the movie is: it’s an hour and a half spent with fictionalized people who are a real pleasure to “be” with. The Ebert Club is our hand-picked selection of content for Ebert fans.

Check this out: Director Brett Haley talks about the "elegant, edgy" Blythe Danner.

One shudders to think how such material would play out in the hands of, say, Luke Greenfield or Greg Berlanti, but one doesn’t have to think of such things, as the material is so beautifully handled here.

Carol’s new lease on life leads to her being nearly blindsided by a visit from her daughter Katherine (Malin Akerman).

Disorder enters in the form of a black rat in the house; Carol asks the new pool-cleaning guy, Lloyd (Martin Starr), to investigate.

A weird, tentative friendship starts blooming between the aimless, bearded, much younger Lloyd and Carol.

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It’s always a pleasure to see Blythe Danner in a movie. Which “I’ll See You In My Dreams” actually is, its iffy (but explainable) title notwithstanding.

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