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After a short drive, the men were directed one by one to the rear door of the vehicle.As each man stepped into the gloomy light of the Russian forest, he would have had no doubt as to his fate.Others had greatcoats tied over their heads; some had their mouths stuffed with sawdust.Those who still tried to break free had their skulls smashed, or were repeatedly bayonetted. Many were simply led to the edge of what would imminently be their grave.The victims were taken from their prison camp and put on a train for two days without food and water.

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Ahead lay an L-shaped pit with the fresh corpses of his fellow Polish officers.

But before the full horror could have set in, he would have been grabbed by the arms of two strong Russian soldiers wearing the uniform of the Soviet secret If he struggled, his hands would have been tied and a choke knot applied to his neck.

It is often forgotten that when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, Stalin followed suit just over a fortnight later.

Faced with the combined might of a twin attack, it was impossible for the Poles to hold out, and by the end of the month the country was carved up by two of the world's most brutal regimes.

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