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button.quickview").on('click',function(){ var product_url = window.location.origin '/products/' $(this).attr('id') '?There’s been a lot of discussion about Black Panther as of late, and we’ve happily been a part of it. Then Twitter started talking about what would happen if ALL black women jumped in and boy oh boy it got hilarious. This is all in good fun because, really, nobody seems to take the “debate” seriously.Staff at the 'majority' of venues are reported to have told TMZ they were either not aware of the televised incident - or were looking into it.Maher will be back on set this Friday for the normally scheduled taping of 'Real Time', an HBO executive confirmed to Daily HBO has decided however to remove the racial slur from the episode so that it will not seen in any subsequent airings, with the phrase coming just minutes into the program.

'Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment.Me making a business decision to be the one that goes back & tells the story of how my sistren were cut down by Wonder Woman in the Great Battle of Nope. " Me: MYVGjx AKn — T' Swalla Jenkins (@Suite_Tea) February 28, 2018 But no forreal I’m gonna need y’all to read a comic or two before y’all just start signing up all the black women on earth to fight Wonder Woman because uhhhh….. — Lord Moldy Butt (@_Ash Bash Cash) February 28, 2018 Son Okoye would not beat Wonder ZTw BW — T'Swalla Jenkins (@Suite_Tea) February 28, 2018 O'koye: "What do we want? Just bc she black doesn't mean she stronger than anyone.He is also one of the few hosts to welcome a diverse group of political guests on each week.One of those guests earlier this year was Milo Yiannopoulos in another episode that gained headlines.

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