Bijou phillips dating danny masterson

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Bijou phillips dating danny masterson

Danny Masterson, better known as Steven Hyde from That ’70s Show is currently under investigation for sexually assaulting three women.This news comes a month after it was revealed that his wife, Bijou Philips, has been suffering from kidney disease.Phillips had been hospitalized mid-February, when Masterson spoke about her condition.The actress/model has a two-decade long career and she’s only 36 years old.She was named after the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross song, “My Petite Bijou,” which is French for “jewel.” John Phillips was a controversial figure, notorious drug abuse and romances. Aside from Bijou Phillips, two of his children followed in his famous footprints.Mackenzie Phillips is an actress, and Chynna Phillips was in the ‘90s group, Wilson-Phillips.

That was the case for young Bijou Phillips, who had an early exposure of fame and its downsides.

Her relationship with Cher’s son, Elijah Allman, was tabloid fodder.

Apparently, the two had a messy breakup, and she ended their relationship by throwing his belongings out of the window.

Phillips had been rushed to the hospital following a high fever, a day after celebrating her daughter’s third birthday.

Masterson revealed a few days later that his wife had suffered a blood infection and is in need of a kidney transplant.

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