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Biblical dating relationships

He concludes that the open country scene must be Israel.

Rainey rejects this view because it shows them with chariots and infantry (1990, 56-60).

There are the rulers of Shechem, Hazor, Ashkelon, Laish, Tyre, and Pella ('Apiru-Anu). The tribes of 'Arqata and Byblos are mentioned (ANET 1969, 329).

Jerusalem is named, but there is no mention of Israel.

The well which is probably anachronistically named after Merneptah would be near Jerusalem. In Ugaritic zbl is a place name (Gordon 1965, Text 10; Glossary #815). Rohl finds the name Jacob and Joseph (Iysipi, E31), but this is highly questionable (1995, 352; ANET 1969, 329). Yurco has recently re-analyzed the Karnak battle reliefs, and has concluded that they should be ascribed to Merneptah and not Ramses II (1990, 21-38). There are four scenes which Yurco correlates with the Merneptah stele.

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