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If you agree or disagree with our selections please let us know by tweeting with us @Hudson Books or by posting on our Hudson Booksellers Facebook page. explores the amazing innovations that are born when brilliant scientific minds are tasked to problem solve with the astronomical budgets and resources of the United States Armed Forces.

Military science is about so much more than just weapons.

Despite the serious nature of the material, Mary Roach’s signature wit and humor are ever-present as she leads readers into the labs and battlefield simulations that save countless lives every day. He is once again traveling around Britain by bus, train and on foot, and experiencing all the joy and pain traveling can entail.

His writing makes sharing in his adventures a humorous ride for seasoned & armchair travelers alike and the perceptive insights he shares on the sights & sites he visits make this book a delight to read.

The truth is there are more white poor, than black poor. Vance takes us through the Rust Belt and helps us understand what went wrong there.

This book shows us poverty through the scope of the white underclass, often referred to as hillbilly, redneck, or white trash. Through wonderful stories about his Appalachian grandparents and terrible stories of his drug addicted mother, we come to understand how complicated it is to eradicate poverty in America.

Spitznagel tries to initially present himself as something of a music snob, but it's revealed that he has a weakness for some mainstream music as well.

This book delves into nostalgia, art, fatherhood, and what's missed when music isn't tactile in a smart, self-deprecating and sometime emotional way.

We hope you find these books as interesting and entertaining as we have.This year’s books were selected by a group of twenty-four booksellers from across the country.We had the privilege to review 100s of books that were published this year and as always it was very difficult to choose which books made the list.The second part is about his transition from physician to patient and disease from the other side after he is diagnosed with lung cancer when he is a neurosurgical resident.We don’t know when we will die but we can all decide how we will live.

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Rawlence provides us with an on the ground perspective from one of the world’s longest running refugee camps.

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