Being picky in dating most popular chinese dating sites

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Being picky in dating

What you need to understand is that being picky is more about seeking quality over quantity.” Just because you can date doesn’t mean you need to accept every offer you get.A friend of mine once said, "Dating makes you feel better about yourself.“You’re too picky.” I swallowed these words with the abashed discomfort of someone who had heard them one too many times before.This time, however, with the echo of “Give him a chance!

Just like I do for them if I feel they aren't giving themselves enough credit by maybe aiming too low.

“I think this time it’s your fault.”The words fell out of my friend’s mouth with a kind of apathy I had grown used to.

I could see the look of contempt tossed at me from across the room as I rehashed my latest dating conundrum.

At the same time, while it’s good to challenge a friend who seems to be hung up on superficial things, it doesn’t help anyone when you make your friends feels like they’re aiming too high.

When my friends tell me “you're too picky,” I can’t help but feel like they are telling me I’m “not in the position” to be so choosy.

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This unspoken implication breeds negativity and desperation, which is toxic.