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Beginner dating guide

Since the whole point of the journal is to keep you organized, a well-structured index will save your life.

After all, you’re hoping for a stress free semester.

I also marked down an event – I applied to Target today.

Later, I thought to add in an email I needed to send, the bath I needed to give my dog, the blog pictures I needed to take, and the conference call I needed to work out.

What I’m getting at is that this journal needs to fit you and your needs, so don’t be afraid to be picky about it. I think the one universal criteria, though, should be durability.

Ideally, your bullet journal will be around for a while.

So far, I’m just focusing on my day-to-day tasks and monthly overviews for planning, so my index looks like this: ) to carry it over to the next list. Also listed are the margin marks, which can go to the left of a bullet, circle, or dash to draw extra attention to it.

I only have two in my Index so far, with room to grow.

From what I understand, this is apparently the most important part of any bullet journal.

But hey, it’s you journal and your life, so do you.

My only two “lists” at the moment are an overview of June, and today’s to-do list.

I have very specific criteria for notebook purchases, too.

The notebook must willingly stay open on its own, the pages must be thick enough to turn easily, and, most importantly, the paper be white.

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I love the idea of the monthly overview, as it gives you a space to mark down any commitments as they come up.

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