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Backdating child maintenance

Our expert family lawyers can conduct a full review of your case and provide a written report on your rights and legal options for a low fixed fee.The second in our series of separated dads guides relates to child maintenance and the issues surrounding it.

Child Support is paid until the relevant child is at least 16 years old.There is a £20 fee for applying to the Child Maintenance Service.In the first instance, you can call Child Maintenance Options on 08 for free advice.If you already have a case with the Child Support Agency (CSA) or the Child Maintenance Service and your circumstances have changed, contact the office managing your case.They’ll tell you if your child maintenance payments will change.

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If the CSA is ignoring you call us on 03456 588683. These then have to be backdated and whilst this frequently leaves you owed huge amounts of arrears these arrears can be extremely difficult to collect.