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Posted by / 01-Nov-2019 00:25

Dating Is so different now, it’s even changed so much from back when i was 16 and first entered the teenage dating pool.

Which I guess in retrospect would be good, but it took me a while to get into the mindset of not needing anyone to begin with, so Im unsure if I’m ready to break that.

The next day when he called me, told me he had misplaced his phone and apologized, I felt like a big ole idiot.

This brings me to the thought of this, back when our parents were dating there were no cell phones or social media, it was common to not hear from the person you were seeing for a day, they were genuinely just busy.

In society now a days both sexes are guilty of relationship jumping to fill the void left by their ex.

They are already with someone else before the dust settles on the failed relationship prior.

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I truly enjoy my life, my schedule, doing all the things i love and being able to sprawl out like a starfish in the middle of the bed every night.