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While there’s some debate on this issue, it’s been said that bisexuality is a broader term that describes people who are physically, emotionally and/or romantically attracted to both men and women.

And when you take an even closer look at the word “bisexuality,” you’ll recognize that the prefix “bi” comes from the Greek word meaning “two.”With this in mind, pansexuality can be seen as a more specific and detailed term that lets others know even more about a person’s sexual identity.

Up to 3.3 percent of Finnish women report that they never feel sexually attracted to anyone, as do close to 2 percent of New Zealand high school students, and between 0.4 percent and 1 percent of adults in large national samples from Great Britain.

For instance, a person may be attracted to men during his or her childhood, but then later find that he or she is attracted to women.

In a word, a person’s sexual orientation can transition and evolve throughout a lifetime.

Additionally, those with a fluid sexuality may be more attracted to one gender over another, but they certainly aren’t limited in any sense.

It’s also interesting to note that describing one’s sexuality as fluid is considered to be a more modern term.

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With this in mind, the term “homoflexible” is used to describe people who are primarily sexually, emotionally and romantically attracted to the same sex, but still have some attraction to the opposite sex as well.