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So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks."When we arrived at Zeve, the village couldn't be passed through because of its stench.

It was as if the bones in our noses would fall off... We saw a weird scene on the threshold of one house: they had filled the house with Muslims and burned it, and so many people had been burnt that the fat that had oozed from under the threshold had turned back into the trench in front of the door.

Haci Osman Gemicioglu, an Armenian-Turk (having converted to Islam) who eyewitnessed the 1915 Zeve massacre; as told to Huseyin Celik, during interviews conducted in the late 1970s-early 80s.(Holdwater: this Internet quote needs to be verified.

The date is wrong; the closest issues for the weekly are from May 22 and May 29.

(Highly deceptive Armenian activists on the Internet are spreading rumors there is no Lalayan. Lalaian was an Armenian Soviet historian and the Dashnag report above was first published in issue 2-3 of the magazine, Revolyutsionniy Vostok and then in issue 2 of Istoricheskie Zapisky, the organ of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of History, The above quote is from a proud Dashnag officer, Aslem Varaam, in the report he wrote from the Beyazit-Vaaram region in 1920, Updated translation:: I exterminated the Turkish population in Bashar-Gechar without making any exceptions.

One sometimes feels the bullets shouldnt be wasted.

The government launched a number of expeditions against the town, but these were unsuccessful. Our artillery knocked the huts into heaps of stones and dust, and when the villages became untenable and the inhabitants fled from them into the fields, bullets and bayonets completed the work."(This excerpt refers not to Armenian atrocities against Ottoman Turks, but to "Tartar" (derogatory for "Tatar") Turks, when Armenia attacked Azerbaijan in 1918.

The warrior spirit of its armed inhabitants, and its fortress-like setting, made Zeitun a natural focus for the attention of a nationalist or revolutionary, who had seen the success of the revolts in Greece and Serbia. I have it from absolute first-hand information that the Armenians in the Caucasus attacked Tartar (Muslim) villages that are utterly defenseless and bombarded these villages with artillery and they murder the inhabitants, pillage the village and often burn the village.""We closed the roads and mountain passes that might serve as ways of escape for the Tartars (Turks), and then proceeded in the work of extermination. Regarding this period of March 30 to April 1 1918, Vladimir Lenin said that commissar S. A-69, Fih.3."There is little news from the interior save that the Russians have entered Van. The book is a daily recording of what Einstein saw, heard, received and possibly imagined with cleverly inserted passages on the Armenian massacres.

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The word "Turk" was mainly used in two ways, as a generic name for an Islamic State with its own characteristic institutions of Government and military; and as a description of behaviour or character the Turks 'being of nature cruel and heartless'(...) The idea of cruelty was probably produced by the Turks' distant foreignness combined with an absence from their lives of comprehensible Christian ethics, but more importantly by their military threat." Simon Shephard, regarding the image of the Turk during the Renaissance period, in association with negative connotations such as cruelty, religious fanaticism, espionage, dirtiness, drug addiction etc.; Marlowe and The Politics Of Elizabethan Theatre, (Sussex, The Harvester Press, 1986) p.142Hamparsum Boyaciyan, nicknamed "Murad," a former Ottoman parliamentarian who led Armenian guerilla forces, ravaging Turkish villages behind the lines, 1914. Yet it is sometimes a pity to waste bullets for this.

Cited from Mikael Varandean, "History of the Dashnaktsutiun."(Alternately known as "History of the A. The best way is to gather all of these dogs and throw them into wells and then fill the wells with big and heavy stones. I gathered all of the women, men and children, threw big stones down on top of them. Lalayan, Revolutsionniy Vostok (Revolutionary East) No: 2-3, Moscow, 1936.

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Perhaps a similar success could be gained in Cilicia..." (Christopher J. Shaumyan, the chief architect of the massacres throughout Azerbaijan, turned Baku into an Armenian operated henhouse [slaughterhouse]. The contingent is mostly composed of Armenian volunteers who fight with desperate courage, but whose excesses have shocked even the Russian commanders." Lewis Einstein, "Inside Constantinople A [Diplomat's] Diary During the Dardanelles Expedition, April-September, 1915,". Curiously, Ambassador Morgenthau is not mentioned at all.