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He than began to experiment with drills and other noise devices.The drill is made by Makita and has 3 picks on the end of it. doesn't stand for anything but is known as the anagram for the song "MAD" off of Monster Attack Dynamite tremelo arm (AKA whammy bar) (bridge FRT-4B) was added later and the writing Hisashi added has faded away significantly Fernandes Stratocaster BT-ST with guitar synth pickup LED display behind the front pickup LED display on the cutaway alters with the strength of picking body: alder fingerboard: ebony back of neck: "darker than darkness" pickups: three EMG-SA bridge: Roland GK-2 guitar synthesizer usage: can be seen in the music videos for "Die", "Kimi No Vanilla", "Kagiri Naku Nezumi" Fender Stratocaster 1971 yellow usage: used heavily to record book referes to this model as the Steinberger Elite Gibson Les Paul custom '73-'74 20th anniversary model ("black beauty") black with black pickguard specs: basically same as the original usage: Hisashi acquired this in 1989 and began using it to record but it's usage increased later in the decade such as with Schaft.Darker Than Darkness Tour setup: Roland FC-100MK II foot controller for guitar synth, Bradshaw: RSB-18F foot controller with a RSB-18R rack as his switching system, two Digi Tech Wah WH-1pedals, two Boss Volume FV-200 pedals, and a Korg AT-1 tuner.Somewhere/Nowhere Tour () setup: wireless system and pedal switching system were the same except for one Boss FV-200, one Boss FV-300L (volume pedal), and Digi Tech whammy pedal I & II.Fernandes Zo-3 pink these are the traveling/practice guitars by Fernandes with a built in amp and run off a battery "Zo" means elephant in Japanese and when you think of elephants, you think pink, hence this pink model (I guess the body looks like an elephant ear) this was autographed by friends and the book guesses that it was signed during the LSB Tour (Hide owns a blue version as well as a red one) the official name is TE-BT S or TEJ but this is more commonly known as Monster Attack Dynamite (M. D.) body: alder neck: maple fingerboard: rosewood pickups: sustainer CD-100F (front), VH-4 (rear), changed to LHM-2112 usage: used heavily to record as well as live custom decoration: the white was boring and Hisashi scribbled his hotel room # (602) on the guitar M. (I believe it's primarily used for songs in D tuning) can be seen in Schaft's live concert video it was used to record the following tracks on : Love Letter, Kodo, Kagiri Naku Nezumi, Aikawarazu No "Are" No Katamari Ga Nosabaru Hedo No Soko No Fuki Damari, Uta (Hide has the same guitar but for right-handers, of course) Gibson Les Paul custom #2 1980 model, gold hardware body: maple top, mahogony back useage: used during the recording of Hisashi acquired this roughly around 1991 and it has not been modified (a left-hander's model in black is supposedly rare) please note that the specs are different than one above as this is the standard model Starr Labs Star Switch Ztar VRS midi guitar, custom made for Hisashi Hisashi was renting a midi guitar while recording with Schaft and decided to purchase this usage: this is used live and has often been on a stand (in particular it is the main 'keyboard' riff during "Kalavinka" and also in recent years during "Cosmos" and "Gessekai") it was used to record the following tracks on Fernandes RST custom body: alder neck: maple and rose pickups: three VS-1 usage: when Hisashi was playing midi guitar, this was on a stand for easy access to an electric guitar Tokai Talbo body: aluminum this is actually a right-hander's model but Hisashi plays it left-handed what appears to be controls on the right are dummies usage: this guitar has been used during recording ("Kimi No Vanilla") and a couple times live but you can see it more prominently perhaps in the videos the band did for the entire album ("Kodo", "Itoshi No Rock Star") Metal Driver MD-USA body: aluminum usage: actually I'm not sure when Hisashi has ever used this Coral electric sitar (Hide was the first to use this during recording) Fender '65 Jaguar red with floating tremelo arm (whammy bar) for right-handers (an oddity, which is probably why it was removed by the time this photo was taken) (in the photo there is a sponge inbetween the bridge and tremelo unit) usage: it was used to record 's "Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai Subete Gokai Da" can be seen in the music video for "Uta" notes: Hisashi purchased this guitar in London in 1993 while recording Schaft's album Fernandes JG-85BT orange #1 this Jaguar copy was custom made after Hisashi saw the originals in England color: original orange body: maple top, mahogany back neck: maple (another magazine says mahogany, perhaps that was the version sold to the public) pickguard: aluminum fingerboard: ebony pickups: Di Marzio Air Zone bridge: GE-103B controls: volume, tone, and pickup balance note: the book claims that the pickups are Di Marzio Tone Zone Fernandes did sell copies of this as the Hisashi custom model Fernandes JG-85BT orange #2 backup for the main orange guitar above; the pickguard is noticeably a darker blue; on the back of the headstock is a piece of tape with "No.2" written on it fingerboard: rosewood Fernandes JG-BT Proto Jaguar copy also custom made color: original violet specs: basically the same as the orange one except it is fretless from the 13th fret up (you can see the marks where the frets were removed; this was inspired by Scott Ian of Anthrax) pick guard: aluminum note: the live concert video notes: This is no longer in Hisashi's possession as someone is 'borrowing' it.

Here is a diagram of his rack in 1995 as well as his midi setup.

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real name: Hisashi Imai nickname: fans have given him many nicknames but most seem to call him Imai as is Japanese custom to address someone by their last name instrument: guitars; noise first band: Buck-Tick date of birth: October 21, 1965 (Showa era, year 40) hometown: Fujioka, Gunma prefecture siblings: younger brother, younger sister, (plus a cousin he grew up with like a sibling) marital status: married in February 2008 with birth of child announced in September 2013 education: graduated from Gunma Prefecture Fujioka Senior High School in March 1984 first record bought: "Technopolis" by YMO or "Nikumi Kirenai Roku De Nashi" by Kenji Sawada (depends on interview) pets: Hisashi once had a beagle named "BJ"; he sometimes blogs about the French bulldogs named "Okayu" and "Piitan" but claims they are not his (must be technically his wife's dogs then) musical artists: Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Robert Smith, John Lydon, Boy George, YMO, Kraftwerk, Ultravox (other major influences include various punk and techno acts) fine artists: Mark Ryden (various Surrealists tend to creep up as references) cigarette: he smokes out of habit (previously Marlboro Menthols and Salem) color: red, white, black drink: barolo, tomato juice (Del Monte) (previously Jack Daniels bourbon, Heartland beer, Corona beer, Wild Turkey & Four Roses bourbon) food: Thai, Italian, fried chicken (previously sushi, lime, tabasco, watermelon, etc.) movie: season: end of summer to fall sport: nothing really, but he was forced to play rugby in high school for 1 year time of day: middle of the night thing about Buck-Tick: concerts are the easiest, most relaxed (this information was compiled from various books and interviews where Hisashi talks about all-time favorites and recent favorites) by YMO Hisashi's favorite YMO album; he bought it in 10th grade (first year in Japanese high school) and has been listening to it since.

One was wider and had a cross on it and another was thinner with belt loop-like holes. For guitar picks, all the pick users in Buck-Tick constantly have custom made picks and models are sold to the public. Please note that whenever 2 of the same items are listed, 1 is for regular guitar and the other is for midi guitar (synth guitar in Japan so I might use these terms alternately).

These were probably used to coordinate with Kiyoshi as he had the same straps and they have matching custom Lucy guitars. Seventh Heaven Tour period: Boss octave, Boss pitch shifter, Boss dimension chorus, Boss EQ, Korg compressor, Zip overdriver, Rat distortion, Yamaha EQ, Roland guitar synth, Maxon digital delay, Maxon EPP400, Boss volume pedal, Maxon HD1000, and Rexer wireless.

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Of course, in the studio many amps and effects not in his personal possession are used as well. ) strap with "Buck-Tick" in gold letters was created in the late 80s to early 90s that both Hisashi and Hide used.