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What Middle East Watch contends is that, in doing so, the central government went much further than was required to restore its authoritythrough legitimate military action.

Western reporters, relief workers, human rights organizations and other visitors to Iraqi Kurdistan have come to realize that the overall scale of the suffering inflicted on the Kurds by their government was by no means exaggerated.As of this writing, a severe economic squeeze, resulting from a combination of UN sanctions against Iraq and an internal blockade imposed by government forces, threatens to produce mass starvation among the 3.5 million inhabitants of the Kurdish rebel-controlled enclave.Government troops massed along a ceasefire line could easily reconquer the region before the West had a chance to come to the Kurds' aid.Their deaths did not come in the heat of battle -- "collateral damage" in the military euphemism.Nor were they acts of aberration by individual commanders whose excesses passed unnoticed, or unpunished, by their superiors.

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Allegations about enormous abuses against the Kurds by government security forces had been circulating in the West for years before the events of 1991; Kurdish rebels had spoken of 4,000 destroyed villages and an estimated 182,000 disappeared persons during 1988 alone.

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