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Some of the celebrity couples we found for this list did a pretty good job of keeping their relationships secret from the public while others didn't do the best job.

For whatever reason, they just wanted to keep their private lives private, which is how most people choose to operate, but given they live their lives in front of cameras for everyone to see, doing so has never been easy for them.

That happened when Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson were together on the Australian morning television show When asked how long they had been dating, the couple shared an awkward glance and simply admitted "We're not" before going on to admit "We were at one point" before Hutcherson joked she had broken his heart.

At the time, Hudgens was in a relationship with Austin Butler so the host of may not have been as up-to-date as the pair would have liked.

Their relationship came to an end at the same time as Miley's has wrapped its 11th season, which has let fans see the on-screen romance between Johnny Galecki's Dr.

Leonard Hofstadter and Kaley Cuoco's Penny develop since 2007.

Of course, it wasn't meant to be and the pair broke up the following year.

They were together before Selena and Justin, Rob and Kristen, or Taylor and all those guys. Vanessa met Zac on the set all the way back in 2005, but as most first loves do, the flame eventually faded. Having Zac Efron as a first boyfriend is quite a high point to start your dating life.

About 98% of us were not as lucky as Vanessa in this department.

Josh Hutcherson: Love Before Madness Vanessa nabbing Josh Hutcherson yet again proves what good taste she has and what luck!

Josh is practically the new Zac because he’s won the hearts of girls around the world with his portrayal of loyal and sensitive Peeta in , which no one saw, bonding them even further.

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It was long speculated the couple were dating after they were spotted together at a Lakers game in March 2011.