Are the duggar girls dating

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Like the Bible says, don't let the sun go down on your wrath.Therefore, not letting little things build up, but taking care of offenses right away.Jill: That is something we felt strongly about including in the book, because so many young ladies are distracted by guys – it's a huge thing.And once you reach the teenage years that's a big part of your life, and what you talk about is guys.There are a lot of stories in the book that we use to illustrate different points and to talk about relationships and how important those are.We want to give everyone a ray of hope, especially teenagers.The four oldest Duggar girls of the popular TLC reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" share never-before-told stories about how their family applies biblical principles to guide them through all of life's challenges in their new book, , which is out this week.In their book, Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger share the life lessons they've learned from their parents and mentors in an effort to better the lives of teenagers who are struggling with relationships and social pressures.

We've talked about having heart-to-heart conversations with your children and even your grandchildren.

Jill: I know that it's very important to forgive and not harbor bitterness.

Our parents have encouraged us, since we were little, to be each other's best friend.

They've seen the television show and they ask, "What makes y'all honest and good Christian girls? In this book we try to go even more in-depth than what people have seen on the TV show and share our hearts with young ladies.

We hope that girls can come away from this book and feel like they've had a conversation with us, and that we have been able to encourage them, like we've been encouraged by other young ladies in our area, and among our friends and even our parents.

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