App v client not updating

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App v client not updating

To set the Windows update service to run in it's own svchost process and thus make some extra memory available for the upates scan we performed the following steps.Warning after doing this we've seen the Windows Update service temporarily peaking at 25% CPU and 780MB memory on a Windows 7 x86 client.The Microsoft support technician confirmed there is an error in the Windows Update service which causes the service to run out of memory during the update scan if the number of updates is too large.Currently the issue is only reported on X86 systems.Please refer to the tables below to learn which features are available with your Xen App or Xen Desktop licenses based on edition.For information on Xen App and Xen Desktop features by key releases, please refer to the Xen App and Xen Desktop Release Feature Matrix.Accelerated Logon for Smart Card Users is key when time is of the essence for healthcare workers who need fast access to patient information.Xen App and Xen Desktop expedites the user logon process for healthcare workers who depend on Smart Card identification for access to the virtual applications and desktops that provide patient healthcare information. Analyze the compatibility of an app to be FIPS compliant, compatible with Windows 10 Credential Guard as well as identifying of other security vulnerabilities.

(Available for 7.15 LTSR)Centrally secured apps are protected in the datacenter and securely delivered on-demand to any user anywhere making it easy to keep sensitive information safe based on an inherently secure architecture.Remote PC Access instantly delivers desktop virtualization benefits without the need to migrate desktops to the datacenter by providing users with a secure, high-definition, direct connection to their office PCs.Desktop Player (Add-on*) extends the benefits of Xen Desktop to Windows laptop and Mac Book users, enabling them to run virtual desktops on a laptop whether they are online or offline.Employees gain freedom while IT gains control by centrally managing Windows virtual desktops deployed to corporate and BYO laptops.Credential Guard compliant, a Microsoft security feature introduced in Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows Server 2016, guards against "Pass-the-hash" type attacks and can be utilized with Xen App and Xen Desktop workloads.

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Details on Xen App and Xen Desktop licensing are available in the Xen App and Xen Desktop Licensing FAQ.

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