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Ancient greek dating

Free 5-day trial Have you ever wondered how the ancient Greeks made pottery and why they had so many different types?

In this lesson, we'll discuss the history of ancient Greek pottery and learn how to identify the different styles of vessels.

For example, big vessels like amphora were used to hold high volumes of wines and fish oils, while smaller types, like lekythos, were used as everyday oil containers.

In ancient Greece, potters were responsible for gathering, molding and firing clay into vessels.

Heracles, was the son of the Greek god, Zeus, and was known for his many adventures and physical strength.

A kiln is a small-enclosed structure where clay pots are fired.Reference to minting years highly contributes to the historical value of ancient coins.As such, coins can be used as an independent source for archaeological and historical research.Afterwards potters brought the vessels to the agora, or marketplace, and sold their products.There were four major pottery styles of ancient Greece: geometric, Corinthian, red-figure and black-figure pottery.

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This, however, requires an understanding of the dating system.

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