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Amsterdam cams

The square was built in 13 century to protect the city from floods.The Dam Square which you can see on this live cam, is one of the most well-known, historically rich and popular places in the whole city.This interactive camera near the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky takes you into the center of a Dam Square, with Dam Monument dominating in the center of the square.By clicking on a links below the camera you can switch the view to see the Gothic Nieuwe Kerk - New Church (the big building across the square), the neoclassical Royal Palace (right to New Church) and the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum which is the most left building on the overview look).

We show some real Dutch culture, habits and typical Dutch food (kroket, stroopwafel, etc).Spring time here are held different carnivals with loud music and colorful suits.During the summer at the Dam Square you can see a lot of street performers, singers and people who are enjoying the sun and music on beautiful terraces.Here are located a lot of famous museums, galleries, discos, and other places.Without a doubt, all of the attractions located in the Dam Square making it the jewel of the city.

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Situated about 5 minutes away from Centraal Station, the square is one of the busiest parts of Amsterdam with a jostling blend of locals and foreigners to show for it.

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