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Allods online not updating

The graphics hold up for the most part, but the engine just can’t handle as much as these other games’. There's nothing that I can think of that tops it, all the more because it's a box cost for each expansion and that's it.The questing was recently revamped for better or for worse to give more of a challenge (I’ve yet to try this out as I’m currently unsubbed, but as someone who’s played since Vanilla, I thought the leveling in Wo W was insultingly easy, and I know a lot of people will say that “leveling isn’t the game,” but that’s bullshit, it’s one of the biggest parts of the game). I usually tell people to at least play it if you haven’t before, you will most likely have fun; however, it’s also the most expensive MMO, and I think you get the least amount for your money ( for an expac and a month are mandatory). Again, it's not my cup of tea anymore, but I don't regret having bought it and I can always go back any time that I like.Luckily, the Tenno still possess information and knowledge of Warframes, powerful armor suits, each with significant capabilities to help fight back against enemies.Gameplay involves heading into battle and begins by equipping your Warframe and your chosen weapons.Players must seek out enemies (all NPCs, as the only playable race is the Tenno), kill them, and complete challenges to progress.Those enemy factions consist of the cloned, heavily armored Grinneer, tech-enhanced Corpus, and mutated Infested.Developers felt this was the perfect time to celebrate its community as the fifth anniversary is prepped to begin on March 14th.A special microsite for the anniversary event will be set up to allow players to share their memories, watch videos, buy commemorative gear and even discover a few free in-game items.

If you’re a casual player like I’ve become, I believe you’d really enjoy it, especially if you enjoy the Elder Scrolls games, with this one being the most like Skyrim out of all of them. There's nothing else that's going to give you more for your money.

I Liked Allods Online until the grind and P2W became unbearable.

Black Desert Online is still in my library but I don't really liked what I played of it.

Because sometimes it's a choice of time versus money and that is a different choice depending on each person.

I'm actually a big fan of MMORPGs but lately only find myself looking up informations about different MMORPGS than actually playing them.

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