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You are away on a business trip and later during the day you go back to your hotel room. All of a sudden, a TV commercial comes on; its a late night chatline with hundreds of singles in the area, and they are offering a free trial!

I believe that online “chat rooms” are still around, but they are not as popular as they were back then.I personally prefer to discuss drivel over the telephone rather than “Facebook”.You may say that Twitter is a modern form of the “chat room”. However, there is something missing from “tweeting” that was there in the “chat room” Not that I miss it.I never used a “chat room” and neither did my wife.That short period when it was popular, sure made for interesting times in the history of this country, from listening to the salient and intriguing stories that I would be constantly privy to.

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These stories would be quite embarrassing to most of the readers of this column.

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