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Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior wicket example

With Wicket 8 you can write fewer, faster and more maintainable code.

While previous versions of Wicket work well with Java 8 and beyond, the Wicket API was not optimized to make full use of Java 8 idioms.

As this is a new major version we have, in accordance with semantic versioning, cleaned up many APIs and you will get compile errors when you migrate from previous Wicket versions.

When you migrate from a previous Wicket version to Wicket 8, a full list of changes and migrations is available at the following page: https://s.apache.org/wicket8migrate Please consult this migration guide when you are moving towards Wicket 8.

Learn why you should consider Wicket for your next web application.Invented in 2004, Wicket is one of the few survivors of the Java serverside web framework wars of the mid 2000's.Wicket is an open source, component oriented, serverside, Java web application framework.All Wicket supplied projects have been upgraded to Java 8 and Wicket 8, and shortly all active community projects, such as Wicket Stuff, will follow suit.With the adoption of Java 8 we were able to provide support for Lambdas.

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The major feature of Java 8 was the addition of lambda support in the language.

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