Advice boyfriend dating dealing ex wife

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Advice boyfriend dating dealing ex wife

If he balks, gets defensive, or accuses you of being “too sensitive,” your relationship might have other issues that need to be addressed.

Think about what you need from him in order to feel more secure in your relationship (after you examine your beliefs about what those items mean and become deeply aware of the source of your insecurity).

I know these things take a lot of time and thought to consider, but I hope this helps provide some guidance!

Please feel free to reach out if you need any other support.

I look for other things, such as a consistent pattern of emotional preoccupation with his ex or his failed marriage, to really discern if someone is still stuck in the past and not over their previous relationship.

Whatever he’s reasons are for keeping the items, simply ask him to find out—for your own peace of mind and for the health of your relationship.

Eventually Maria would unexpectedly explode over something trivial and a slew of angry email, texts and voicemails would ensue.

When this happened, Joe would usually drop what he was doing and immediately respond to Maria’s outburst.

While they would go through periods where things were fine, it usually didn’t last for long.

When dealing with a contentious ex it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the drama and miss what’s really driving the train. Every time he and Maria got into a spat, Joe unknowingly was giving Maria exactly what she wanted, his undivided attention. In other words, since Maria no longer passionately loved Joe, she put her energy into passionately agitating Joe.

For Maria, the conflict had become the primary outlet for keeping her connection to Joe alive.

How do you want that to show up in your relationship?

For example, maybe you need more assuring hugs and kisses from him.

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