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Adult sex text chat paypal

Not the concept of it or a description of it - the reality of it.With actual, relatable women who love almost opposite techniques.And, for them, the specifics for women’s pleasure are still too taboo and uncomfortable to look at directly and specifically.Depictions in media would have us believe that after a bit of missionary position or sex up against a wall, she’ll have a mind-blowing orgasm, every time, in under a minute. The great Hollywood lover telepathically ‘already just knows the moves.’ He doesn’t ask for any feedback and she doesn’t offer any.When you realize something from experience or from a friend’s, it stays with you. So that’s how we tried to make OMGYes - turning research-based insights into something personal - so these insights would really stick.

While the text and videos are playable on all devices that can play web video, the touchable simulation pushes technology to its limit so works only on newer versions of browsers and newer devices. There’s so much that’s been left unsaid, unasked, and unknown. These aren’t things anyone could know yet – they’re entirely new ways of thinking from new research that had never happened before.You can start with the research - the same way you’d sit around a laptop together and read about any other big news.“I love that there are older women on the site. And all the women so openly and comfortably talk about what they’ve discovered with beautiful, sensitive cinematography.”“It feels like hanging out with real people - not like a lecture or a book.It’s not just the religious or super-conservative that consider these specifics ‘obscene and indecent content’ - it’s the media companies, search engines and app-stores, too.We live in an era when graphic violence is acceptable but even the word, ‘clitoris,’ gets bleeped out on TV.

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Imagine trying a new recipe, but none of the ingredients or measurements have names. Women who are able to talk specifically about what makes sex more pleasurable for them are 8x more likely to be happier in their relationships!