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Adult sex chat rooms ageplay

It feels secure and they can sometimes feel naughty and kinky wearing this, some of them like to wear them for the whole humiliation side of it, some like to wear for convenience there are many reasons why guys will wear diapers or why some are into the whole adult baby niche.I have to be honest and say I have always enjoyed spending time with them who visit my cam room, they are a very relaxed chilled out bunch and good fun to chat to.It is all about power and staying within the boundaries of the submissives comfort zone.Power and control are the two main ingredients here.However, for now, the requests that are asked for often aresissy humiliation, cbt, tease and denial, chastity key holder, blackmail scenario, financial domination, strap-on training, small penis humiliation, this is just a few of the more popular ones.

There is a lot of reasons why men crossdress and one of them is the fact they do not feel they were born into the right body and from childhood, they probably dabbled in female clothes ( either their moms, sisters, friends) to experiment.

The thought of dominant women blowing smoke at them or using their mouth as an ashtray is very arousing for them.

I will go into more detail on this fetish on a separate page.3) Spanking I always think this one comes from childhood memories of being spanked by someone in an authority figure whether it be parents, school teachers or family members, this is left ingrained in the persons head and they have many fantasies about it when growing up.

This tends to come with those who like wearing diapers and although the two sound similar that is actually very untrue.

I have spoken to many who do not want any adult baby scenario they just love the look and feel of the diaper they have on.

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There are a well-known sub-fetish in regards to the effects and harm that smoking can cause people, this has been known as the black lung Is by far one of the most popular requests on a daily basis for any female working in the adult entertainment side of things, either by live webcam or by making video clips or email requests, even phone sex lines are busy with this request.