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Assignment records are all around us: * Newspaper accounts of the crisis * Diocesan records * Investigative files * Obituaries and other old newspaper reports But these records are dispersed and difficult to find, and complete assignment records for most accused priests are not publicly available. In the meantime, we are undertaking this work of research and collection ourselves. Some time after 2002 several men reported to the diocese that they were sexually abused by Abrams during 1979-1982, when they were boys and he was pastor of Sacred Heart in Queens. Diocese publicly announced 11/07 that the review board deemed the allegations credible and Abrams' authority as a priest had been permanently removed. No criminal charges due to the statute of limitations. Source: CT Post ; Go Local Prov ; Providence Journal ; Statement by Diocese of Providence ; The Patch ; Valley Breeze ; WJAR ; NBC 10 ; Providence Journal ; Holts Sons Funeral Home Assignments: Holts Sons Funeral Home Obit Originally from Diocese of Alexandria LA. In treatment at Paraclete center and working in Gallup.

See our initial collection of assignment records below. Allegations against him in Flagstaff in 1963 and a civil suit in Fresno where his files were released. May have been dismissed due to 2012 CA Supreme Court ruling. In 2005 Diocese said allegation was credible but that he was deceased (1987). Source: Gallup Independent ; Gallup Independent ; John Doe 75 Complaint ; KION ; Monterey County Herald ; Sacramento Bee ; KION ; Monterey County Herald ; Gallup Independent ; Sacramento Bee ; New Mexican ; Daily Times ; Gallup Independent ; ABQ Journal ; Albuquerque Journal ; Arizona Journal ; Gallup Independent Assignments: Assignment Record Included on New Ulm diocese's list released 3/29/16 of priests credibly accused of child sexual abuse.

One of the priests (not Abaya) fathered the girl's child. Sentenced to 6 yrs prison for violating CA probation. Prior to 2005 there were .62M in settlements regarding Andersen.

Archdiocese contributed to support of child after dismissal of one suit. Source: LA Times ; LA Times ; Altoona Mirror (UPI) ; LA Times ; OC Register ; San Jose Mercury News ; San Jose Mercury News ; OC Register ; OC Register ; LA Times ; OC Weekly ; OC Weekly ; OC Register ; NY Times ; LA Times ; OC Weekly ; California Catholic Daily ; Orange County Weekly ; Diocese of Orange Assignments: Orange Diocesan Personal Record; Directory Listings Compiled by Arellano of OC Weekly Accused in 2002 of abusing a boy in 1987.

Original allegations surfaced in 1993 and he was removed from parish post.

In 8/15 Andert was placed on leave due to an allegation of sexual abuse of another former St. John's announced in 2/16 that the allegations were found unsubstantiated by a review board; Andert was reinstated. Source: 1994 Letters from Andert to Student; Letter from Sipe to Hanley ; Statement from St John's Abbey ; St Cloud Times ; The Record ; Sipe Article ; St Cloud Times ; The Legal Examiner ; International Business Times ; MPR ; Legal Examiner ; Jeff Anderson and Associates ; Pioneer Press Assignments: Assignment Record Native of Italy. Included on a list of accused priests and religious posted by the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian on 01/19/11.

John's Prep student, in 1979 or 1980, who also claimed abuse by Rev. Garabedian says he has settled at least one claim with Boston Archdiocese re allegations against this individual.

Source: United Press International ; United Press International ; United Press International ; United Press International ; Milla v Tamayo, 187 Cal App 3d 1453 ; LA Times ; Daily Breeze ; LA Times ; SNAP Statement ; SNAP Statement Assignments: Assignment Record Letter 7/93 to Pope JP II, Stafford, and Mahony, alleged abuse of boy 1953-57 from age 7 and counted several victims. Denied and filed slander suit against man making claim. Matter settled in 2004 but another plaintiff came forward in 2004 to allege abuse in 1988.

Said Abercrombie admitted abuse to victim's sister in 1992. Archdiocese never believed either allegation was true. Source: St Louis Post Dispatch ; Press Democrat ; Catholic News Service (St Louis) ; Associated Press ; St Louis Post-Dispatch ; St Louis Post Dispatch ; Voice from the Desert ; NY Times ; Berger's Beat ; SNAP Statement ; SNAP Statement Assignments: Assignment Record Anderson was one of 8 priests who were removed from duties in April, 2002.

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Angeli also worked in San Antonio archdiocese and El Paso diocese in TX. Omitted from 2011 Boston AD database because he was "visiting priest." In 12/15 a woman stated publicly that she was abused in the early 1960s in Hondo TX by Angeli; she called on the San Antonio archdiocese to verify her allegations and settle her claim.