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Activechristiandating com

There will be a moms "mini-spa" while the kids are out hiking!

Those who are dealing with the stress of separation and want to find Christian fellowship are also welcome to join the Meetup group.

Christian is owned-and-operated by born-again Christians; Christians who run this business under the Bible principles; on the other hand Christian Mingle is owned by a secular company! We at Christian, are proud to declare that our site is run by Bible-believing Christians, who share your faith and values, and know how important for believers to be equally yoked when building relationships and even doing business with.

Not only is Christian Christian-owned, but also operated by Bible Believing Christians who know how important is your faith for you.

Remember - they'll know we ARE Christians by our LOVE!

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Those who have never married and are searching for Christian fellowship are certainly welcome to join us, as well.

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